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Nothing says more about our personal method of tax resolution than the real experiences of our valued clients. We thank each of them for the trust they placed in us to safely resolve their tax issues.

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Historias felices de reembolsos de clientes reales de TaxPlus.

Queremos clientes con expectativas muy altas. A cambio, ellos a menudo comparten sus positivas historias. A continuación está una selección que refleja la importancia que ponemos en la relación con el individuo y en su satisfacción.

*Los resultados pueden variar.

“OMG! The entire UnTax team is amazing. I’ve had several CPAs and accountants through the years, and the last one kept bleeding me of money. I had over a million dollars in back taxes and penalties, due to a horrific business partner and a nightmare situation. UnTax were able to do an offer in compromise for less than $25,000. I can’t tell you how they helped me financially and physically … to have that amount of stress relieved has been a blessing.”

- Kimberly B.

“The UnTax team have been amazing. We came to them with a very challenging issue of back taxes, penalties and interest, and wanted help with an OIC to the IRS. Other tax advisers told us that there was no hope, and we did not qualify for an OIC. Finally, we were referred to UnTax. I immediately found them to be smart, creative, savvy and passionate about helping their clients. They told us that we did have a chance of being granted an OIC, and advised they would do their best to help us. Even though our first offer was rejected, UnTax told us not to worry and that we would appeal the decision. We did, and it was accepted. We settled our debt for 10% of the balance. We are lucky and grateful to have UnTax on our side. Thank you!”

- Michelle Rene G.

“UnTax went above and beyond for me. Nearly ten years of taxes were revisited, reduced, and they were able to negotiate a significant reduction of my tax liability, including a payment plan. They have been professional, honest, and did what was right. I highly recommend UnTax for all of your tax needs.”

- Robert K.

“I’m as inexperienced as it gets for handling bookkeeping and taxes. I had a bad experience with a previous accountant who would neglect my emails, not file on time, etc. Working with UnTax is truly a blessing. They are extremely professional and well organized, which keeps me confident knowing they are running the books. They even handled all of the backdated drama that happened with my previous accountant, and helped me with an audit and offer in compromise. I can’t recommend UnTax enough to handle your books and returns.”

- Kory A.

“All I can say is that UnTax is the best. I’m the guy who didn’t file my taxes for 10 years. I searched Yelp and online to find the best person I could, and Untax was the best rated out of every review I saw. They gave it to me straight with no false promises, and I ended up owing far less than I expected. I wish I faced the music years before, as the stress of it all wasn’t worth it compared to what I paid. Thank you, Untax!”

- Michael K.