California tax debt experts know IRS triggers

February 3rd, 2018

We specialize as California tax debt experts by helping our clients with federal and state tax resolution and compliance. Our mission is to make sure that you go through each step of the process well-informed and at ease. We are the trusted partner that stays beside you supplying expert help and valuable information all along […]

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We help to release tax liens and lower your tax bill

February 2nd, 2018

We are also here to help you release tax liens in Los Angeles. We have a variety of other services including audit representation and even penalty abatement. Although lowering your tax bill is a personal affair, we like to offer a complete service so we thought we’d pass along a few tips. Charitable donations are […]

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We supply IRS Tax Audit help and help you to avoid scams

February 1st, 2018

Here at UnTax, we supply IRS tax audit help. Our California professionals make it their business to specialize in compliance and tax resolution. For us, a well-informed public is our best clientele. That’s why we thought we’d put together a blog on how to help you avoid the kind of IRS scams that have cost […]

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WARNING!!!.. Payroll tax liability = personal liability.

November 15th, 2017

ARE YOU PERSONALLY LIABLE FOR THE PAYROLL TAX DEBT OF YOUR BUSINESS? In order to answer this question, let’s talk a little about employment or payroll taxes. Any business that uses employees, must withhold certain taxes from an employee’s paycheck every pay period. The taxes withheld are personal income taxes (federal and state), one half […]

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The Difference Between a Lien and a Levy

August 8th, 2017

While the IRS uses both a lien and a levy as tools to go after taxpayers who owe taxes, they are not the same. A lien is a legal claim the IRS files against a taxpayer’s personal or real property when you owe taxes. It acts as the IRS’s security interest in the event that […]

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