We help to release tax liens and lower your tax bill

February 2nd, 2018

We are also here to help you release tax liens in Los Angeles. We have a variety of other services including audit representation and even penalty abatement. Although lowering your tax bill is a personal affair, we like to offer a complete service so we thought we’d pass along a few tips.

  • Charitable donations are a common way to lower your taxable income. It’s important to keep in mind these charitable donations aren’t always about money either. If you donate toys or food to a local drive around the holidays, you should keep your receipts.
  • Paying some of your business bills early also makes sense if you’re looking to lower your tax bill. For example, small businesses who pay bills that are due in January by December are good to include them in their current tax return as business expenses.
  • On another note, if you’re looking to release tax liens we can help with our expert staff of attorneys and agents. We take personal care of every client we serve.
  • Buying business equipment now is another way to lower your taxable income when the year is coming to an end.

California release tax liens Los Angeles

As far as interest goes, it’s always a good idea to make a payment on any outstanding business loans before the fiscal year comes to an end. Here’s another thought for incorporated business owners.

If you draw a salary, holding back on the final payment before the year comes to a close also lowers your tax bill. Although there are aren’t businesses that really want to lose money, a capital loss can be claimed against your taxable income.

At UnTax, it’s important to our California and Los Angeles clients that we take each and every project personally. We make a series of promises including the fact that we work professionally and compassionately in all our dealings with you.

We offer fixes for a variety of different issues including both personal and corporate problems. We are experts in income tax, sales tax and even payroll tax so there’s nothing left to chance when you partner with us.

We can even come to you with a variety of different tax seminars that are sure to educate and enlighten.When you use our services for a variety of reasons including to release tax liens, you’ll get good information and answers to your questions.