Video Conferences

Video conferencing can be a very effective method for tax resolution cases. We can accommodate local clients who prefer the convenience of a video conference or those who live remotely anywhere in the nation.

The following procedures will assure a smooth, productive tax resolution experience while protecting your personal information. Our preferred video conferencing platform Zoom provides good video and sound quality, allows us to easily share screens and it’s free. You will need internet access, a video camera, a speaker and microphone.

Step 1. Schedule Your Video Conference.

, Video ConferencesContact via e-mail or call 888-773-3968 to schedule a Zoom video conference.

Step 2. Expect a Zoom Video Confirmation.

An UnTax representative will send a confirmation via e-mail for the Zoom video conference with a link to the conference which will look like this:

(Name of UnTax Representative) is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: My Tax Meeting
Time: Jan 23, 2019 8:00 AM Pacific Time (US and Canada)
Join Zoom Meeting

Step 3. Video Conference Appointment.

On the date and time of your video conference you will click on the pre-established link that your UnTax representative e-mailed. The initial conference serves to outline the tax problems and gather information. Be prepared to share any possible information regarding the nature of the problems, the entities involved and any tax documents or correspondence that may relate.

Step 4. Expect a Proposal.

Your UnTax representative will e-mail a proposal based on your specific tax resolution plan of action. This proposal will include contracts and powers of attorneys for your review and approval. It may include a request for tax documents and tax organizers.

Step 5. Corresponding with UnTax.

Upon approval of contracts submit signed contracts, powers of attorney, and other tax documents requested to UnTax via our secure document exchange link in your representative’s e-mail signature below the company logo.

Step 6. Monitoring Your Tax Resolution Case.

Your UnTax representative will work on your case, making required calls, gathering information, completing tax work and updating you as needed until your case is resolved. In the meantime, you should not hesitate to e-mail or call with any questions. Feel free to set up additional video conferences for updates if preferable. We look forward to working with you to resolve your tax challenges.

Contact or call 888-773-3968 to schedule your tax resolution video conference.

, Video Conferences