Tax Controversy for Newlyweds?

June 27th, 2018

We don’t mean to put a damper on your nuptials, but there are a few different tax controversy problems that can crop up after you’ve tied the knot. Here are just a few of the different ones that you can encounter after your special day.

People who want to change their name when they get married need to consider a few different tax implications. For example, the name on your Social Security card and your tax return needs to be the same so you’ll have to look after that.


The Right Last Name?

Los Angeles tax controversy California

Making sure that you have the right last name for your married life and the tax man is about going to your local Social Security office.

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File Your Taxes

Understanding how to file your taxes is another consideration. For many people who are getting married, filing a joint return is the best move. However, there might be some other considerations that you need to look at depending on what you bring into the marriage and want to be get of your married life.

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Change Your Address

Some of the things that you need to consider after you get married might be overlooked. For example, you’ll need to change your address and that’s generally a pretty simple process. However, if you forget to take on this simple task, any tax return information you might need can get sent to the wrong place.

Making sure that you look after all these details after you get married will help you to avoid any tax problems. We have the services that can help including tax attorneys and enrolled agents at your disposal.

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